Iphones in order

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Iphones in order

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Every iPhone has been a great iPhone — and nearly all of them have been excellent. Love 'em or hate 'em, Apple knows how to make fantastic devices. No, what's needed here is context.

M any of these phones have been game-changers in their time, ushering in hardware advancements, new ways of interacting with gadgets, and software additions that became indispensable.

List of iPhones: iPhone Models list with pictures from 2007-2020

And those colours! Whether or not you liked them, you have to admit they were daring or utterly mad picks by Apple. But as the only iPhone ever released to date specifically to be a "lesser than" model, it was hard to drum up too much enthusiasm for its release. It was a year-old iPhone housed in cheaper materials to save a chunk of change, yet it was still a pricey Apple device.

If it was your first iPhone, the 5c was probably still one heck of an introduction.

Here's every iPhone released, in order, and what changed along the way

But for the rest of us, it just couldn't stack up. The iPhone 4s built upon the revolutionary design and Retina display of the original iPhone 4, with enhancements to the camera and graphics capabilities. And the revised antenna design avoided the issues some encountered on the iPhone 4. But the biggest feature addition was that of voice assistant Siri, which… let's face it, didn't end up being as useful as it initially seemed.

Still, we have to give the 4s props for one thing: longevity. When the iPhone 3GS launched init was certainly a notable enhancement over the prior iPhone 3G. The "S" stood for speed, and it was surely felt: the 3GS ran upwards of twice as fast as its sluggish predecessor, plus it added a better camera — with video capabilities! It doesn't help that it's sandwiched by the upgrade to 3G data on one end and the iPhone 4's beautiful design and Retina display on the other.

If you got the 3GS, you surely appreciated the upgrade. If you didn't, well, you didn't miss that much. For the fourth year in a row, Apple's core 4. Whereas the iPhone 5c took the iPhone 5 and made it feel cheaper, the iPhone 5s started from that same device and made it markedly better. The Touch ID sensor was the most obvious perk, offering innovative security functionality that worked startlingly well even if not perfectlybut the upgrade to a bit processor also allowed for glossier game and app experiences.

That said, the iPhone 5s launched at a time when Android makers were pushing into phones with much larger, sharper screens, and Apple's phone couldn't help but seem a little dinky by comparison.Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the day Apple released the very first iPhone.

CNBC already covered a bit of how the iPhone has changed since the original launched, but we also wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Here's a list of every single iPhone Apple has launched since the original made its debut ten years ago.

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As a reminder, Apple's next iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 8, is expected to launch in September. Other rumors have suggested it may be called the iPhone X to celebrate the 10th year. The original iPhone changed the world forever in Its multitouch screen and digital keyboard were highlights. Apple upgraded the original iPhone in with a complete redesign and support for 3G networks finally allowing users to download files and surf the web faster.

The iPhone 3GS, launched inhad an S for "speed. The iPhone 4, launched inintroduced yet another redesign, this time with a glass body.

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It's also the phone that made headlines for "antennagate" because cell service dropped if you held it the wrong way. The iPhone 4S made its debut in This time the S didn't stand for speed, but rather for "Siri," Apple's brand new voice assistant. The iPhone 4 featured better cameras, too. With the iPhone 5, launched inApple once again shifted the design of its iPhones. It changed from a pin charging port to the current Lightning port.

It also added LTE support for new 4G networks. The iPhone 5s launched in and was the first iPhone to support Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint reader technology, and a new M7 motion processor that allowed users to track their steps throughout the day.

The iPhone 5C was also introduced in and was marketed as Apple's fun and more affordable iPhone with a plastic shell. It didn't offer as much storage as the other iPhones and also didn't have Touch ID. Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in The latter was Apple's first foray into a "phablet" or large-screened smartphone. Both were the first devices to support Apple Pay. The iPhone 6 Plus had a more advanced camera with optical image stabilization to help users take better pictures, too.

Some users complained of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units "bending" when they launched. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were introduced in They were the first phones to support LTE-Advanced networks and also Apple's new 3D Touch displays, which allowed users to press into the screen a bit more to find additional menu information.

Apple made these phones stronger to prevent bending concerns from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In an attempt to cater to folks who still preferred Apple's smaller screens, which Apple ditched with the iPhone 5, Apple introduced the iPhone SE in It offered most flagship features, just with a smaller 4-inch screen.For sure.

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Every iPhone you buy from us online or in an Apple Store is unlocked, with the exception of a few carrier financing options.

You can easily stick with the carrier plan you have. Not necessarily. While many carriers have special offers for buying an iPhone, most of those promotions are also available in an Apple Store. Not at all.

And if you trade in your iPhone, you can even pay less per month. Learn more. We have an option for that. See how it works. You bet. In the store, we can even show you some cool apps to download. If you back up your data on your current iPhone to your computer or iCloud before you come in, we can move everything over in a snap.

We take privacy very seriously at Apple.

iphones in order

Getting your new device set up the way you like it is ours. Need some help? After your new iPhone is set up just the way you like it, ask about our free Today at Apple sessions.

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Learn essential photo skills. Bring your videos to life in all-new ways. Find a session near you. Shop now Find a store. Will my new iPhone be unlocked? Chat now. Is it hard to move everything over to my new iPhone?

Is all my information safe? Compare all iPhone models.December 22, Tested. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Scroll down and tap Contacts. It is located in the fifth set of menu options. You will now see names listed alphabetically by first name anytime you access the list in apps such as Contacts and Mail. It should sort your contacts alphabetically by default, but if you want to sort them by the first name instead of the last, you can do so by going to Settings and then to Contacts. Then there should be an option so change the sorting order. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. Hold onto the app block until it starts to shake.

Drag it to where you want it to be, and let go. If you want it on the next page, hold it at the edge of the screen until it moves to the next screen. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. That's the default. If not, just follow these instructions, but make the change inverted. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How do I sort or add a category like business, personal, contractors, or doctors?Did you know that there isn't an iPhone 2? What about the iPhone 9?

Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Can you believe 16 GB is all you could put on the original iPhone? Granted, there wasn't nearly as much data to put on the iPhone yet and certainly no App Store.

But you had access to the internet on a screen you could actually see it on. And it could only handle MB of memory. The camera was 2. But a phone with a camera! Holy moly! As far as internal specs go, the iPhone 3G wasn't much different than the original iPhone. But now there was an App Store! This iPhone got its moniker for its 3G connectivity, which meant access to internet you could actually use without wanting to throw the iPhone across the room.

Clearly, introducing the App Store changed things quickly.

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Between photos, music, and apps, 16 GB just wasn't going to cut it. The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to have a front-facing camera. Little did Apple know, selfies would take over the world. The iPhone 4 also got a Retina display. Apple also introduced the 64 GB storage option but kept the memory at MB. Video could then be recorded in p. Apple sold four million units of the iPhone 4S in its first week. Apple sold 5 million units of the iPhone 5 in its first week. The camera stayed the same but memory was boosted all the way up to 1 GB.

You thought 3G was cool?

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Psh, the iPhone 5 had LTE connectivity.Were you searching for List of iPhones? This article is for you as we have prepared a complete list of iPhones in order. If you have an iPhone, you might be aware of the fact that it does not ask you to get nonsense apps that can clutter your screen.

Most of the people in the world prefer to use Android phones as they provide diverse options for hardware and software customization. As far as the iPhone is concerned, it comes with a sleek design and is very fast when it comes to browsing speed. The best part about using an iPhone is that it provides a better browsing experience on your phone as compared to Android devices.

Mobile phone manufacturers that use Android provide a lot of bloatware in their device which takes much storage space on the phone. But with an iPhone, you will not find a software preloaded on it, therefore, it will provide you a clean experience. You should definitely have an iPhone if you always want to avail of the latest version of your smartphone. Therefore, it is obvious to all that it can be owned by only those who have got some money to spend on their phones. Apple is not only restricted to smartphones but also manufactures computers, tablets, and watches.

In this article, we have mentioned all the iPhone models since its launch i. So without any further ado, let us take a look at the specifications of the below mentioned iPhone models. This was the complete list of iPhones starting from the launch of the original iPhone back in the year The major advantage of using the iPhone is that it works seamlessly with other Apple gadgets.

Also, the iPhone always assures that all the apps and functions are performing the way Apple meant them to perform. Lastly, it is considered to be safer than Android phones and also comes with fewer security breaches. Do comment down below about your favorite iPhones in order. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.But this isn't the first time a phone has gathered this much fame, in this short amount of time.

But where and more importantly, when did the iPhone's rise to success begin? Watch as this list counts down every single iPhone release ever, starting inmore than a decade ago, to the latest iPhone, the 11th edition of the successful series of phones. Released on June 29, the original Apple iPhone, had a 3. Compared to phone memory today that doesn't seem like much, but it was enormous at the time. It had a MB memory, which was fairly impressive and weighed just grams.

It was, however, considered ahead of its time, and as Apple, who had now "reimagined the phone," were bathing in the glow of the iPhone's success. Apple immediately began plans for a new iPhone, aimed at beating its predecessor, in every category. This was not an easy task given the available technology at the time. Hardly one year after the release of the first iPhone, which took place before the App Store, Apple released the "Phone you have all been waiting for.

iphones in order

It was Even so, it sold a million units in the first weekend of its release. Less than 11 months after the ground-breaking iPhone3, Apple, riding the success of the previous version, released the iPhone 3G S on June 19, At the time it was "The most powerful Phone" ever made.

iphones in order

It also sold a million units in its first week. Apple realized that with the recent introduction of its App Store, 16 GB wasn't going to cut it, so they released this version with 32 GB max, and a MB memory, which was double as compared to the MB of the iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

With 9. Selling 4 million units in its first week, things seemed to be just getting better and better for Apple. Even more successful than its predecessor, it sold 5 million units sold in its first week. With slow-motion video capture, dual flash, touch ID, 4" display and 8. While the iPhone 5C, released in several different colors, had features similar to the iPhone 5S's, it still sold over 9 million units, collectively. Retina HD display, GB storage, 5. Another huge success for Apple, with a 12 MP camera, and 2 GB memory, an all-out improvement for Apple's technology, as it grew and grew to levels beyond the previous iPhones, and many of its rival phone companies.

A more affordable option compared to the iPhone 6, the SE had everything but the iPhone 6's 3D touch. It was basically a cheaper version of the iPhone, which people really loved but quickly forgot about. Later in the year the success of the iPhone 7 overshadowed the minuscule changes the SE made to the affordable phones industry.

This was when Apple removed the headphone jack to replace earbuds with EarPods and a wireless converter. This phone became an instant success even before its release with a huge number of pre-orders. The introduction of the glass cover on the phone's back and wireless charging made this a win-win situation. Portrait mode, an extra front-facing camera, an improved display resolution made people fall in love with this phone instantly.

A little pricey, but proving itself to be worth the price, this phone had it all. There were several iterations of this basic model.

These had Super Retin HD display, awesome looks, and an awesome camera. However, Apple did take the 7 ate 9 jokes quite literally, as there was no iPhone 9, ever.

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