Magnatone m series

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Magnatone m series

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Forgot your password? By deadllamaSeptember 24, in Amps. Hey everybody. I usually hang out in the Electric Guitars forum, but this is a question for y'all. Most of the demo videos I can find are clean with the vibrato on Are they any good?

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Am I crazy for wanting to gig with one? I may have to get me one of two of them Are there any other vintage amps that are still relatively cheap that I should be checking out? I've already got a modded Silvertone head, so I've got that one checked off the list. You might want to check out this thread. The best Magnatone amps are the, and Before they added reverb.

Less complex to fix and better sounding. Fantastic vibrato. No pedal or other amp can match it. You know what? Forget what I said about the "reverb" Magnatones not being as good. They have a better reverb than Fenders now that I've tried a few more. I played one forgot the model but it was apartment volume loud at half way and from there just barely broke up. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Contact Us Feedback Existing user? Amps Search In. Magnatones: any good? Recommended Posts. Posted September 24, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 25, Posted November 13, Posted November 18, Isn't Phil X's original Tonemaster made by Magnatone?Yep Ade I bought it a couple of years ago from Deke Dickerson after I'd been searching high and low for that model for ages.

I guess by rights I should be playing nothing but my '55 through it, as Eddie did in the movie, but I'm still in the honeymoon stage with my '55 Streamliner and that single Dynasonic sounds amazing coming through this amp. The guitar is a relatively new acquisition Dave. The amp I've had for a few years, but I've taken to using this combo for my rockabilly gigs with The Fire Bottles and, hammy guitar playing aside, I've been getting a lot of compliments on the vintage tone from this rig.

Not to derail muchbut I've been considering that a single neck pickup is all a Gretsch needs. You can get bridge pickup sound by simply picking back toward the bridge.

Plus, one less set of magnets pulling on the strings should help sustain. It always looked great in the film. Just three props- the guitar, the amp and a curtain! That's all Eddie needed to become an instant rock legend. It's a pretty basic amp with a single 15" Jensen speaker, two instrument inputs and two mic inputs, treble and bass controls and an output to a remote speaker and that's about it.

It has a nice gritty growl for rockabilly and for my my basic percussive style of playing rhythm it gives a 'primitive' vintage sound that I really like.

I posted a video from a weekend gig over in the 'On The Tube' section where you can hear the amp albeit via a GoPro cam microphone and put through You Tube's audio compression. The Fire Bottles. I'm not at all an expert on comparing nuances of sounds between different guitars and pickups, but the main difference is that with the single Dynasonic there's a tone there that is Meaning I don't have to screw around with switching back and forth between the bridge and neck pickups like on my or backing off the tone and volume on one pickup while trying to balance the exact 'sweet spot' on the other pickup if I'm playing through them both.

Of course the convenience of having the option of two pickups is great and the very different array of tones that can be achieved by combining them adds up to a lot of possibility for killer tone in the right hands I'm talking the hands of a Paul Pigat type player. However there's a lot to be said for the simplicity of a single killer sounding pickup, especially in the hands of a relatively beginner guitarist like me. I take a lot of inspiration from Luther Perkins and his Esquire There were a few very accomplished musicians in the audience at my band's gig the other night and a couple of them commented that "Boy, you've really got that vintage Gretsch tone dialed in!

I just plug in the Streamliner and play it through the Magnatone or one of my Fender Reverbs and it just sounds the way it does. As for the guitars themselves I absolutely love my '55 and it will always be the pride of my Gretsch collection, but the Streamliner just sort of 'fits' me. I love how it feels, I love the playability of the neck and I love the built in tone coming out of that single Dynasonic.Moderators: cocobitsandvolts, lbethune.

Posted: Fri Jun 04, pm. Need some assistance on this one I'm working on one of my Magnatone MA's. I got it non-working and was told that the rectifier diodes "blew" and the original owner replaced the 2A slo-blo fuse with a 10A and took out the PT. The original rectifier diodes, according to the schematic, were IN's. I was given some IN's by an "amp tech" to replace them. Are they an acceptable replacement??

An improvement?? Thanks I don't want to chance taking out the new PTor anything else.

1960’s Magnatone Custom 250 Guitar Amplifier

Post subject: Re: Acceptable diode switch? The 1n is a ma v diode, the 1N is a 3a 1kv diode. They are both going to work, with the having the specs to handle a little more current and voltage possibly giving a slightly better life. The limit to the cct is the fuse. A diode is just a junction and the only real differences are the current and voltage limits. Tele's make the best noise.

Posted: Sat Jun 05, pm.

Magnatone M-series

They both should be fine. I'd go with the HDuty version. Stick with the rated fuse too. Facebook: facebook. Twitter: trinityamps. Thanks everyone I have the 1N's for the rebuild, the guy who looked at the amp gave them to me after he told me the original 1N's and the PT were blown.

I know to use the correct fuse After all, I don't want to take out the PT again. I'm happy to hear the 1N's are more robust since the apparant original problem was the diodes going.

Got something to do for the rainy weekend now. Triviado you know the Magnatone M series amps have a OT safety switch? The PT and rectifier circuit are on a separate chassis mounted in the bottom of the cab with the rest of the circuit up top. There is a red button on the chassis that gets depressed when installed in the cabinet. When you take the chassis out of the cab, the button opens and opens the circuit to the OT and cut power to the exposed circuitry.

I ran into a few tube amps when I was servicing them for a living Aquiring IOU's from musicians that had high voltage interlocks. It really isn't that good of idea, just one more switch to fail and in some cases also opened the cap bleeder cct leaving a nasty surprize for the tech. Then again to keep people from playing I have been known to leave charged caps on my bench just for those who can't stop playing with my toys. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: Acceptable diode switch?Sep 15, 1.

Dec 11, Honolulu, Hawaii. I've never tried bass thru this amp but when pushed did give up similar goods when on my Supertroned '68 Gretsch Duo Jet so I figured this might be a good candidate to get grungy at lower volume, but it's new territory for me re bass.

I wouldn't mind having the best of all worlds and keeping some sweet low tone cleans as well as the balls out hair fry. Sep 15, 2. Aug 23, Aloha.

magnatone m series

I would build a sealed back combo cab to move the amp into. That way you have a totally reversible mod, plus you'd have a much better shot at making it much more usable as an actual bass centric amp. Sep 15, 3. Sep 15, 4. The problem as I see it is, those amp cases are made of plastic and I think it's going to rattle like crazy, I hope not for your sake.

But I do wish you the best of luck, I hope it works out. Sep 15, 5.

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Sep 15, 6. Sep 14, Eminence Beta 12a2. Bass V likes this. Sep 15, 7. Sep 15, 8. Sep 15, 9. Last edited: Sep 15, Sep 15, I haven't checked the speaker ohms on the M's original, that's what I'm searching for hoping it's the same 8.

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magnatone m series

Dec 10, rural New Mexico. Passinwind likes this. Eminence Custom shop will make a 16ohm version of the beta 12a2 all you have to do is Email or Call the custom shop.Clean -- probably the right model for me. Sounds like someone went to the Bevette School of Business. Pricey for a 5 watt amp. My first amp was a I bought new in ' Nice quiet amp. You don't see a lot of 5-watt 1x12 amps. Well, you do now, but it seems like most amp makers back then typically scaled power to cabinet and speaker size.

I had a for a little while and while it was described online as true vibrato it sounded like amplitude tremolo to me.

Vintage Magnatone M10A

Either that was what they used, would check a schematic if I knew how to read one or else the components were out of whack One YouTube vid of a did sound pretty cool.

Anyone know if the was also the single stage type -- of course a big honkin is king of the hill. Here's one like mine, thefor sale at Cream City for a terrific price! Much cooler amp and much, much better deal than the one on ebay. Put a 12" in it and you're still less than half the price!

The one you posted seems to have left the factory without the tweeter. The seller seems to believe this was an early one that didn't get the tweeter from the factory. I'd probably agree since it has the bolt pattern for one on the baffle in the correct array but no hole cut for one. Personally I liked the way the tweeter added sparkle to the cleans. It just added a nasty fizz to the overdriven sounds, though.

magnatone m series

That amp looks clean but you'll probably need to replace the can cap and add a grounded power cord.This month is the first part of a two-parter about Vintage Magnatone Amplifiers.

A quick aside about the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo and feel free to read ahead if you know all this inside out. Vibrato is a modulation of the pitch of the note.

Get length of audio file

Tremolo is a modulation of the volume of the note. Why do they get confused so often? Many though NOT all, and this will be covered more fully next month Magnatones have true pitch-shifting Vibrato. I need to start doing sound clips with this column—perhaps in the near future.

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But, back to the case at hand. The Magnatone vibrato can go anywhere from a subtle flutter to a truly intense amount of fluctuation, without ever giving you the sea-sickness than many vibe and chorus pedals can offer. As I say, there will be more about various collectible models of Magnatones next month—the similarities and differences among the different periods of production and so on.

But for this month—just one collectible rare gem: The Magnatone Custom The 2nd Low Gain channel has only a volume knob and is a great for mellow, jazzy tones. And yet, as I say, you can coax a lot of usable tones from this for the studio or the stage. And, like with the great Magnatone again, to be covered next month or, say a Fender Tweed Deluxe, the volume controls on the are interactive.

Very cool. As best as I can tell from my catalog collection, the was made between and or by Magna Electronics, which was based in Torrance CA at the time this amp a was made. And, like many though not all Magnatones of this and later periods, it has some relatively unusual tubes—though all for this model are pretty easy to get, unlike some great Magantones in the suitcase line to be covered next month.

This amp pictured, just in the interests of historical accuracy, has a replaced handle, is missing its back panel, and has two chicken-head knobs on Speed and Depth control instead of those beautiful white ones on the rest of the amp.

The 12AU7 side is the phase inverter, driving two s. You also see them, frequently, in s Univox amps, and their various re-brands such as Lafayette. But back to the s. But push it hard, and it gets a real Vox-like chime on the high end and a wonderful Supro-like guttural midrange honk.

1955 Streamliner and 1955 Magnatone Maestro

These are pretty rare, but they are WELL worth seeking out on the vintage market as are many of the less rare models to be covered next month.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: TapaTalk is fixed! User Controls. April 17,AM. Login with username, password and session length. Recent Posts.

Author Topic: Jack Darr missing chapters? Read times. Scoticus Regular Posts: 25 Chip Points: 0. Hey you guys Pity nobody scanned and posted the last chapters showing a lot of yummy schematics. Sadly the Net is dominated by tubeheads, where anything tube, no matter how poor, must be kept, while early SS amps, some very clever or unique, are lost.

Oh well. I have the actual book. I was gonna offer to do it Those chapters encompass pages to That's a lot of pages to scan Sorry, I'm gonna suggest you buy the book.

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It's available on Amazon. If there are a couple of specific pages you would like, I can scan and post those. I also own this book and I also recommend you buy it. It's worth the money.

Here is a scan of the schematic index pages. Thanks a lot. Most of them you actually do find from internet. Gibson master service manual, for example, covers a lot. Those Estey Magnatone M-series schematic I have never encountered Enzo Legendary Posts: Chip Points: But they are warehoused, so I will put them on the list of things to dig out.

Here's a few M series starts page

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