Packsaddle turkey hunting

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Packsaddle turkey hunting

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Oklahoma's spring turkey hunting season opens Friday in most of the state. Oklahoma's spring turkey season opens Friday in most of the state and everything seems par for the course.

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We are down slightly from a year ago, but we are talking 1 to 2 percent, is all. That is pretty much across the board of the Rio Grande range. Most of the state's population is Rio Grande wild turkeys, but there are Merriam's along the far western edge of the Panhandle in Cimarron County and Eastern birds in eastern Oklahoma.

The biggest population of Eastern birds is in southeast Oklahoma, where the hunting season doesn't open until April 23 in eight southeast counties.

2019 Spring Hunt Guide

Turkey season closes statewide on May 6. Most western Oklahoma counties have a two-tom limit, but some have just one. Most central and eastern Oklahoma counties have a one-tom limit, but in the southeast region the limit is just one tom from those eight counties combined. For public hunting destinations, the Black Kettle Wildlife Management Area near Cheyenne in western Oklahoma is the premier location for turkey hunting based on its size and population of birds.

Oklahoma normally sees an influx of turkey hunters from other states to hunt the Rio Grande subspecies of wild turkeys. The walleye fishing has been good lately on Lake Hefner as the toothy and tasty fish are moving closer to shore, getting ready to spawn. Last week, two walleye weighing more than 10 pounds and another more than 8 pounds were weighed in at Lucky Lure Tackle by Lake Hefner anglers. They are now just starting to really move up good. The lake record for walleye is 11 pounds, 3 ounces, and Hughes won't be surprised if it is broken.

On Friday morning, he weighed a walleye at the store that was 10 pounds, 12 ounces. Earthfest will be from 11 a. The remodeled visitors center will have live animal exhibits.

The new Wilderness Matters Overlook is a boardwalk that will provide an elevated view of the acre pond and surrounding forest in the heart of the park.

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Ed Godfrey was born in Muskogee and raised in Stigler. He has worked at The Oklahoman for 25 years. During that time, he has worked a myriad of beats for The Oklahoman including both the federal and county courthouse in Oklahoma City for more Log in or subscribe to read and leave comments. Contact Us. Spring turkey season opens Friday. Walleyes are biting at Lake Hefner The walleye fishing has been good lately on Lake Hefner as the toothy and tasty fish are moving closer to shore, getting ready to spawn.

Martin Park gets a new look Story continued belowHunting is usually from blinds overlooking feeders or feeding areas. Each hunter will have an experienced guide, one-on-one, to assist in harvesting a trophy animal.

Transportation to the blind will be provided by a pickup or ATV. Rifle hunts in Nov — Dec. To ensure a successful hunt each hunter will have an experienced guide, one-on-one, to help assure an opportunity to take a trophy animal. Stay in luxury in our 3, square foot lodge overlooking Packsaddle Mountain. We offer full cooking facilities, tv and pool table to rest and relax between hunts. Book now as hunts are limited. This is a true hunt with free roaming animals.

Packsaddle wma

Call Joel Duncan for further information or to place a reservation for the best hunting experience in the Texas Hill Country. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. Horseshoe Bay Texas. Enjoy Texas hunting at its finest. Claim this Listing. Write a Review. Get Directions By public transit Walking Bicycling.

List Grid Map. Commerce Texas?

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Stephenville Texas. Guided and semi-guided hunts for whitetail deer, wild boar hog, exotic game, Rio Angleton Texas Managed for th Throckmorton Texas. Located on 80 acres, surrounded by a hog-proof fence, the 2B Hunting Ranch is waiting to give you Founded inthe 2D Ranch sits just eight miles north of historic Buffalo Gap and only a th Mt Vernon?

Chad and Angie McEntee are business Bedias Texas THE place to come for any of your outdoor entertainment needs! At 3-S Texas Outdoors, our goal is Coleman Texas. We are located between Houston an Welcome to 3Gs Ranch Owned and operated by J. Grimes and Clay Carter, 3Gs Ranch is located 9 mSnakeWrangler 50, BOBO the Clown 46, RKHarm24 44, NORML as can be 39, Most Online 19, Feb 5th, Print Thread.

Joined: Sep Weatherford, TX. Anyone ever hunted here? Quail or even small game like rabbits? I just drove by it for work and it's a pretty cool area. Joined: Jul Packsaddle and Black kettle WMAs just down the road use to be good for quail. You will need a map for Black Kettle as it is broken up in patches from acres to full sections. Packsaddle is one of two WMAs in Okla. The other is Fern Cooper, I think. I attended a trial last fall on a large ranch adjoining the Packsaddle and the lack of good rain over the years had hurt the deer herd and the quail.

Joined: Nov TX Panhandle. We have miles and miles of natural gas gathering lines up there and hundreds of meters for measurement.

I am up there often and I have seen lots of wildlife driving around up there.

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It is definitely a nice area.Some of us are just getting started on a Grand Slam, while others are a few states away from the U. Super Slam. Use it to find season dates, bag limits, recent harvest data and more from all 49 states the wild turkey inhabits. Find out where to locate each subspecies plus the Ocellated turkey species hereand let the obsession commence this spring.

Note: While the dates for each state's hunting season have been checked for accuracy, NWTF members and readers should continue to consult their state's hunting regulations before hunting. They reported 27, spring gobblers in a post-harvest survey conducted by Responsive Management. This project entailed renting a skid steer with diamond mulching head to remove mid-story trees and brush to stimulate growth of grasses and forbs improving brood-rearing habitat for wild turkeys.

Special Notes: was the second spring season of the Game Check system. Thus, the reported harvests likely under-represent the actual number of total harvested birds. Brood survey trend indicates a decline in reproduction growth. Researchers are making strides to develop a scientifically robust method for population estimates.

Applications are due every fall. Archery season is April May 30 depending upon hunt drawn by hunter. Youth-only season is April and May Arizona Game and Fish issues nearly all permits in the fall big game draw. This project increased the size of the WMA to 2, acres of publicly accessible wildlife habitat. The funding provided by the Arkansas State Chapter was required to help the AGFC meet their non-federal match requirement on land purchases.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission opened the newly-purchased tract to hunting last fall. The NWTF and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission completed the mulching project inand they reclaimed about 15 acres of old fields that were grown up in sweet gum thickets as a result.

packsaddle turkey hunting

There is no current monitoring other than monitoring the North American Breeding Bird Survey trends from raw data. First, the NWTF completed a project on the 21,acre Knoxville Wildlife Area to convert a grassland dominated by nonnatives back to native grassland, and installed two water sources. The department also funded the mastication of 50 acres of ponderosa pine as part of a 2,acre forest thinning project in the Eldorado National Forest.

The goal is to increase diversity of shrubs, grasses and forbs, while also increasing acorn production. Some game management units split this range of dates into two seasons; check regulations.

Bag Limit: One bearded bird via an over-the-counter permit. Hunters may take an additional bird if they also draw a limited spring turkey permit. Public Land Progress: Not provided. The two organizations developed the project to enhance Eastern wild turkey brood habitat in an area dominated by mature timber.

They established the initial project to rehabilitate an overgrown field into an open grassland. All first-time Delaware turkey hunters must successfully complete a division-approved Turkey Hunting Safety Course.Jump to navigation.

Area Regulations. Located in the mixed grass prairie, it is a mixture of rolling sand hills and wooded bottoms with the South Canadian River as its southern boundary.

Uplands sites are vegetated with mixed grass species including big bluestem, indian grass, little bluestem, side-oats grama, and buffalo grass and brush species like shinnery oak, sagebrush, and sand plum. Bottomlands are dominated by cottonwood, elm, and hackberry trees. The average annual precipitation for the area is about 25 inches. From Arnett: 17 miles south on U.

Hwy1 mile east on E to headquarters on right south. Management efforts focus on producing native cover plants and wildlife foods such as ragweed and sunflower, although some small agricultural food plots are planted annually.

Wildlife watering facilities have been installed, including windmills, water guzzlers, and small ponds. Cattle grazing is used to increase quail food abundance and improve brood habitat.

Vehicle access is limited with few interior roads open to the public. Nine designated primitive camping areas are located on the area. Both lodging and restaurants are available 17 miles north in Arnett and 22 miles south in Cheyenne. There are no fishing opportunities at Packsaddle WMA.

WMA Map Legend. Packsaddle Area Photograph:. Area Description:. Deer : White-tailed deer are present in fair numbers.

Packsaddle Wildlife Area Tour

Turkey : Rio Grande turkeys are usually present in good numbers but are heavily sought after. Rabbit : Mostly cottontails, but an occasional jackrabbit may be found.

Turkey hunting

Furbearers : Coyote, bobcat and raccoon are available. Dove : May be abundant during peak migrations around watering areas and weedy fields.Discussion in ' Turkey Hunting ' started by archerDec 31, Log in or Sign up. Oklahoma turkey hunting Discussion in ' Turkey Hunting ' started by archerDec 31, Dec 31, 1.

Who went to Oklahoma turkey hunting last year. I remember somebody went to the western portion last year. I am planning on going that way this year and was wonderinghow you guys did it last year. Public land or private? Any info would be appreciated. Jan 1, 2. Jan 2, 3. I went a couple of times in eastern OK.

It was fair. Western OK definitely has the birds though. HobbshunterJan 2, Jan 6, 4. There are a few small management areas around the panhandle part where it starts of the state.

packsaddle turkey hunting

Ive hunted them with good success in the past. Cant remember the names. BruinJan 6, Jan 7, 5. Jan 7, 6. Packsaddle WMA was one of them.

Find the Area Manager and ask him where the food plots are, and start listening from there. There are true Rio's on that area. BruinJan 7, Chat about duck hunting, and share other duck hunting information.

Looking for the best wma to hunt in Oklahoma for next week. Any ones where you don't need a boat to get around? ND is no good. Red Slough Hmmmmmmmm Definitely Red Lots of things in Oklahoma are red Sooners, dirt, wild women It's never crowded, has tons of ducks, and no one ever shows up very early.

Super easy hunting. I told you it was illegal to hunt migratory birds in Oklahoma. A lot of people get upset when people "internet scout" on here.

Myself included. People work hard to find good places to hunt. Get a WMA map from the wildlife dept. Just trying to save you from future sarcastic replies to your post. Welcome to the site. Any good for ducks right now? Man, I take a break for a little while and come back to these shenanigans?? Not that it matters because everything is beyond bone dry right now, but would love to see the Mods police some of these public places posted on the board. As far as the guy who wants to know why there's no "hospitality" among duck hunters And for every one of you that posts a thread asking for or naming a public land, there are about lurking on the forum waiting for those free handouts.

CutEm wrote: Man, I take a break for a little while and come back to these shenanigans?? I got it all boat,blind,dog,spots,guns,truck but the ducks. PM me and I'll help you. I never met a stranger. I have met a few guys that are strange. LSU, Bryan and others I agree that duck hunters are very secretive and unwilling to share their spots as I am one of them and fully agree to it. You have to remember this was the days before GPS and the internet.

I did this because more than once I would take someone on a weekend, then the next weekend he would be there with another couple of guys.

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Then those guys would take their friends etc etc. Needless to say my "secret" spots would be over run with hunters.

packsaddle turkey hunting

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